Galerie Renée & Victor started 1973 in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. As a family owned Art gallery with focus on the Swedish and International art world we soon became Sweden’s leading representative of graphic works by Marc Chagall.

With more than 30 years in art dealership and with our many well-established contacts in the art world, we enjoy a firm reputation. Our representation, which began with Chagall in the seventies, has grown to include works of French Impressionists, contemporary established artists and exclusive promotion of new artists.

Galerie Renée & Victor 1974

I started Beckholmens Publishing in the nineties after my fathers demise. My idea was to create a new, dynamic forum for art. I envisioned an independent, publication company that could represent graphic arts and sculpture. My concept proved successful. Finding tomorrows artists is exciting. Two of Sweden’s most prestigious artists, Peter Dahl and Yrjö Edelmann, both new during the seventies, were early editions for us. The legendary Mourlot Imprimeurs in Paris printed Yrjö Edelmann’s works. Peter Dahl’s sculpture “Dancing Woman”, edited by us in the nineties, was cast at Bergman’s Gjuteri. Edelmann’s “Wrapped Moet & Chandon” was cast by Fonderia Massimo del Chiaro in Italy where other respected sculptors such as Moore, Arman, Cesar and Botero have cast their works.

Beckholmens is not a traditional gallery. We are independent and without the constraints of a physical gallery. Broad contacts with colleagues, museums and private collectors insure our central position in the market. Whether helping promote new artists, finding specific art pieces, or building art collections, we are consistent in our strivings to maintain top international class. We are well informed of today’s market prices in the world of art. The Swedish magazine “Mersmak” and the American Express Platinum collaborate with us on a regular basis.

We love ART. Coupled with art expertise is our constant dedication to help you find Swedish and International art works that you seek. We will even help you sell art at the best possible prices.

Whether you are a veteran, a new art collector, or simply an art lover, you will always be welcome at Beckholmens.

Renée Nordståhl